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Hairless Skin Care

One of the most frequently asked questions I have found, when it comes to hairless dog breeds, is “how do I look after the skin?” This is probably true of the Chinese Crested, American Hairless Terrier, Xoloitzcuintli and the Peruvian Inca Orchid. It should be fairly obvious that hairless breeds will need some form of […]

About The Breed

History The Chinese Crested is an old oriental breed, with written history dating back to the 13th century in China. Yet, there is much controversy about exactly where this breed originated as there were hairless dogs found in Africa, Mexico and in Central and South America in the 1500s. So it’s unknown whether the Chinese […]

More info

Chinese Crested Dogs are a lively, loyal affectionate little dog. They can sometimes be aloof to anyone but their ‘family’. They are good guards but are not normally a noisy breed. They are a companion animal and do not take too kindly to being left on their own but relish the company of their owners […]


The unique thing about the Chinese crested dog is the fact that two distinct varieties of the same breed can be born in the same litter. One is a completely hairless version of the dog and the other has a double coating of fur which is soft and silky, close examination reveals long, thin guard […]

Breed Standards

General Appearance A small, active and graceful dog; medium- to fine-boned, smooth hairless body, with hair on feet, head and tail only; or covered with a soft veil of hair. Characteristics Two distinct types of this breed; Deer type, racy and fine boned, and Cobby type, heavier in body and bone. Temperament Happy, never vicious. […]

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